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Traditional Vietnamese beef rice noodle soup accented with onion and cuentro. Served with basil, bean sprouts and lime on the side.

Medium 9.99 Large 11.99 Extra-Large 15.99

unless otherwise stated

+ extra broth, noodles $2.99 / extra tofu $1.99 / extra protein $3.99 / extra vegetables $1.99 (shanghai bok choy, carrots, yellow onions, broccoli)

P1. Eye round steak (rare)
P2. Beef Shank (well done)
P3. Brisket
P4. Tendon
P5. Tripe
P6. Beef tendon Ball
P7. Beef Combination (includes all of the above meats)                               M10.99-L12.99-XL16.99
P8. Tofu
P9. Shrimp
P10. Chicken
P11. Vegetables

(Shanghai bok choy, carrots, yellow onions, broccoli)

M 12.99   L 15.99  XL 20.99 


P12. Hue-Style Spicy Beef

M 9.99   L 11.99

Hu Tieu Noodle Soup with Chicken Broth

Hue style variation on traditional Pho noodles; tender beef shank immersed in a spicy, rich, and flavorful broth.

Rice noodles (or egg noodles) cooked in a chicken broth with a side of basil, bean sprouts and lime.

Chicken Broth Option

H1. Chicken
H2. Roasted Pork

H3. Shrimp
H4. Queen of Pho Combination

(chicken, pork, shrimp)

9.99   11.99
M 9.99   L 11.99
M 12.99   L 15.99
M 12.99   L 15.99

Ask for the chicken broth option for a chicken broth alternative to any of the Pho selections.

Veggie Broth Option

Ask for the veggie broth option for a vegetarian broth alternative to any of the Pho selections.

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